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  • Connie Jacobs-Walton

Have companies adapted to remote work?

The answer to this question is, no. Believe it or not, companies are still struggling with their employees working remotely. Their denial will only allow their competitors to hire that candidate you just passed over. Remote work is not going away, and the sooner employers realize this fact, the more likely they can become a job seeker's preferred employer to work for.

What is even more amazing is that while directors and department heads are refusing to allow their current staff and potential new employees the flexibility to work remotely, they are the ones taking advantage of remote work. How does the old saying go? "Do as I say but not as I do"? Yep, that one.

So I say to anyone looking for a new opportunity, do your research. If one of the perks you are requesting is to work remotely or even a hybrid schedule, and the organization is not willing to negotiate with you. Keep looking!

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